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  • e resumption of work and production in order while k★eep prevention and control effective. -- Under the join★t prevention and control mechanism of the State Council,a★ press conference was held in Beijing, announcingHubei Pr★ovince and Wuhan City had reported zero new confirmed and★ suspected case for five straight dH

    ays,with the number of★ existing confirmed cases declining continuously. A healt★h official told the press conference that zero report of ★new cases does not mean there is no risk, thus it's still★ arduous to prevent and control the epidemic. --The State★ Council Information Office held a press conference in Hu★bei, introducing the importance andeffectiveness oftradit★ional Chinese medicine (TCM) intreatingCOVID-19.Zhang Bol★9

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  • i, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineeringno★tedthat TCMhadremarkably reducedthe proportion ofpatients★ withmildsymptomsturning to severe cases. -- A team of C★hinese medical experts carrying a batch ofmedical materia★ls aided by China arrived in Cambodia to help it fight th★e COVID-19. March 24 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping ta★lked over phone with Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokay★ev, noting that in the bN

    attle against the current global ★public health crisis, the urgency and significance of bui★lding a community with a shared future for humanity have ★become even greater. Only with solidarity and cooperation★ can the international community prevail over the pandemi★c and safeguard the planet. Xi said China is ready toR

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    wo★rk with Kazakhstan and other countries to strengthen inte★rnational cooperation against the pandemic and safeguard X

  • A8体育_A8体育直播_A8体育直播下载

    ★global public health security. -- Chinese President Xi J★inping talked over phone with Polish President Andrzej Du★d2

  • A8体育_A8体育直播_A8体育直播下载

    a, reiterating China's firm supportto the Polish governm★ent and people in combating the COVID-19 epidemic. Xi no★ted 6

  • A8体育_A8体育直播_A8体育直播下载

    China hadheld a video conference of health experts wi★th Polandand other Central and Eastern European countries★ (CEECs7


) to timely share information and relevant measure★s on epiT

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    demic prevention and control. Xi said by upholdi★ng thevision of a community with a shared future for huma★nity, China is willing to enhan9

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    ce cooperation with other ★countries to fight the epidemic and safeguard global publ★ic health security. -- Chinese President Xi Jinpingtay

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    lke★d over phone with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at r★equest, noting that the COVID-19 broke out in many partso★f the world and wab

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    s spreading rapidlyandthe top priority ★now is for countries to strengthen cooperation. Xi said ★by upholding thevision of building a comm1

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